last update: 26 September 2018


Any questions can be directed here -> support or here -> Oliver Kuhn

okJDXiEditor - is a patch editor, librarian for the Roland JD-Xi synthesizer for macOS.
It's a free download on the Mac App Store, no advertising, no in app purchases, no strings!


- easily edit SuperNATURAL digital synth tones, analog synth and drum kit partials
- modify effects and other program parameters without menu diving
- save patches to files
- complete control of almost everything the JD-Xi has to offer (which is a lot)

changes to v2.1.4
- updated for macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

In the JD-Xi System menu: MIDI: ProgRx/Tx Ch must be set to 16, or the program/bank change messages are not received!
(if this is set to OFF or another channel, the programs cannot be selected and progam names are not updated on the main screen)

<<< download some example JD-Xi patches here! >>>

Things to try...
- In the Program edit screen set all the synths (digital and analog) midi receive channels to 1, this will allow you to play all synths at the same time. (basically 7 oscillators plus LFOs simultaneously!!!)
- In the drum kit edit screen you can have a total of 8 waveforms playing at the same time, and don't forget to set the output assign button to EFX1.
- Generally play with all the output assign buttons for max effect.
- In the effects section set both reverb and delay time and send level parameters to maximum and set the filters to BYPASS, for max effect.

Screen Shots:

Main screen... (quickly select any program)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - program select

Analog Synth... (more features than those few buttons on the JD-Xi let on)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - analog synth

SuperNATURAL Digital Synth... (JD-XA has more PCM waveforms and effects, but nothing missing here!)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - digital synth

Drum Kit... (spend some time with this screen, and you will be rewarded!)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - drum kit

Program/Effects... (just play with all the buttons and knobs, and just maybe take a peek at the JD-Xi manuals)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - program and effects

Mixer... (this does make it easier)
Roland JD-Xi patch editor - program and effects

Known Issues:

Editing Program parameters:
* When the "Program Common" sysex message is sent, the JD-Xi automatically enables the Vocoder and disables the analog synth.
This seems to be firmware issue - the JD-Xi ignores the Vocal effects off switch.
Unfortunately the program common message combines the program name and the vocal/auto pitch presets.
You can work around this problem by clicking the [send data] button. This will instruct you to first use the big knob on the JD-Xi to select a non-vocoder patch for the digital synths and then transmit the remaining program messages.

* Sometimes, on changes to the program part section, the JD-Xi will restore the saved synth tone to the temporary synth tone memory. This will wipe out any changes that were made since the last save.
You can work around this problem by saving tone changes to memory before editing program and effects parameters or simply edit synth tones or load from a file after program changes have been made.

Editing Synth tones:
* When the synth tone name is changed the JD-Xi LCD will not update the new name until the [shift] key on the JD-Xi is pressed.

okSequencer (no longer available)
- Essentially the sequencer that I just added to the JD-Xi editor minus all the JD-Xi overhead for improved timing and multiplied by 16. This should benefit synths with built in sequencers and multiple synths in one box like Roland JD-XA and JD-Xi most of all, but also connect a whole bunch of Korg Volcas.

- Single screen, single click interface with many keyboard shortcuts. Keeping it as simple as possible.
- 16 Separate step sequences, each with its own MIDI channel, step length (1 to 256) and individual note times (16 to 1/256) or send them all to one channel.
- Low CPU utilisation, when display update is turned off.
- All files are text files, and can be edited in any text editor.
- Automatically connects to any and all MIDI devices as they become available. Data is transmitted to all connected devices, just make sure each device has its own individual MIDI channel set.
- Each step may be a Rest, Note, Chord or Hold.

changes to v1.1.2
- Operational improvements.